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The Naryan-Mar–Usinsk highway is open!

The opening of the Naryan-Mar–Usinsk highway has been awaited by the inhabitants of the Far North for more than 30 years; it was the most famous road construction project in the Polar regions.

2 April 2023

The new road links the Nenets Autonomous Area with the Komi Republic and other regions all year round. This was reported by Pomorie portal.

Construction of the Naryan-Mar–Usinsk highway began in the 1990s. Road workers managed to build a stretch of just over 80 km, but then the work stopped due to a lack of funding. The project was frozen for a long time and only in 2019 was it given a second life on the initiative of the President. Since then, hundreds of people have been working around the clock on the site, building the region's main transport artery.

The opening of the road will significantly reduce the travel time to the mainland; instead of 2 days by a barge on the river, the whole journey by car will take no more than 10 hours. The new transport artery will make it possible to do this regardless of the time of year.


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