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The 'Lider' to come to the Arctic

The Russian Government issues an order for the construction of a new nuclear ship

16 January 2020

The Russian Government will allocate RUB 127.576 billion to the construction of the world's most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker, the 'Lider' ('Leader').

The ship will be constructed at the Zvezda plant, based in Bolshoy Kamen and managed by Rosneft; the construction is set to complete in 2027. The 'Lider' is meant to enable year-round escort of cargo ships along the Northeast Passage at a commercially acceptable speed. Russia is planning to build three of such icebreakers.

The Russian Government has issued an order for the construction of a lead nuclear-powered icebreaker 'Lider' with a capacity of 120 MW. In 2020–2027, RUB 127.576 billion from the national budget will be allocated to building the ship; in 2027, the vessel is expected to be ready for operation.

The 'Lider' is set to enable year-round transportation via the Northeast Passage at a commercially acceptable speed, which is essential for the export of hydrocarbons from the northern parts of Russia. This specifically includes facilitating the year-round export of liquefied natural gas from NOVATEK's facilities in Yamal and the Gyda Peninsula. Proponents of the construction of the 'Lider' also count on transit cargo traffic via the Northeast Passage between Europe and Asia.


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