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The Head of the Russian Academy of Sciences spoke about the launch of the Arktika-M satellite

Russia is seven years ahead of Europe, the U.S. and Japan have launched into highly elliptical orbit the first meteorological satellite Arktika-M in 2021, said the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeev, at a working meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

29 March 2022

Sergeev briefed the president about the most significant results achieved by Russian scientists in 2021. These include the launch of the first Russian Arktika-M spacecraft.

He told that the first such satellite was sent into space by Russia in 2021, and the launch of the second is expected in 2023. According to the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Arktika-M is in a unique highly elliptical orbit. With four such satellites, Russia will be able constantly to monitor the Arctic every 15 minutes, with good temporal and spatial resolution, Sergeev added.


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