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The BRICS Arctic Floating University may commence its expedition from Karelia

At the BRICS regional cooperation conference, Olga Bakhmet, Head of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, suggested using the organisation's scientific fleet.

14 September 2023

The Arctic Floating University for young BRICS scientists could potentially start its journey from Karelia. TASS reports this, citing a statement from Olga Bakhmet, Head of the Karelian Research Centre of the RAS.

'The Floating University project is designed to educate young professionals in the field of global ocean studies. The plan includes navigating the routes of the North Sea Route. The Karelian Research Centre suggests initiating expeditionary work from Karelia, leveraging our White Sea and scientific fleet to facilitate engaging expeditionary work for young scientists,' stated Olga Bakhmet at the BRICS regional cooperation conference.

As she stated, the Karelian Research Centre currently serves as the regional representative for the national BRICS research committee. The Centre aims to broaden partnerships to facilitate the realisation of shared scientific concepts. For example, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences are expected to arrive in November. Discussions are underway regarding new projects with South African, Indian and Brazilian scientists.


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