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The Arctic cannot be cleared without the NSR

Equipment of large capacity, scrap metal and bulky waste can only be removed by ice-class vessels.

13 February 2023

It is impossible to clean the Arctic of accumulated waste without developing the North Sea Route, said Andrey Nagibin, a member of the federal headquarters of the Clean Arctic project. SeverPost writes about it.

'It is impossible to implement this at all without the NSR, there are no other options,' Nagibin said of clearing the Arctic of accumulated waste. He specified that it was about the removal of abandoned equipment of large capacity, scrap metal and other bulky waste on vessels.

'How exactly will this be organised? This issue is still being worked out by the relevant agencies and experts, and this information will be communicated to us so that we can also plan our expeditions taking into account the new logistics of large-sized waste removal,' Nagibin added in an interview with RIA Novosti.


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