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The Arctic all-terrain vehicle Burlak has received a drilling rig

The Burlak all-terrain vehicles can now be equipped with a drilling rig. The innovation will make it possible to use the Russian all-terrain vehicle for year-round exploration work in regions with a harsh climate and in complete off-road conditions.

21 September 2022

The new all-terrain vehicle was described by the General Director of the Project Office for Arctic Development, with reference to the Commercial Director of the Burlak Offroad, Roman Pankratyev.

According to Pankratyev, the UBGM-1M drilling rig, designed for rotary drilling with or without flushing, can be mounted on the chassis of the new all-terrain vehicle. This provides a high degree of mechanisation in operation and maintenance, as well as high speed and greater drilling depth, said a spokesman for the manufacturer.

As a reminder, the Burlak all-terrain vehicle has been designed specifically to operate in arctic conditions. While roomy enough—it can carry up to seven people—the all-terrain vehicle is designed to minimise travel damage to the tundra. This is achieved by reducing the weight of the item and distributing it intelligently: the use of large wheels reduces the pressure exerted by the machine on the sensitive topsoil. This feature of the machine has significant environmental advantages in the Far North.

Expanding Russia's exploration capabilities in high latitudes, including by expanding the profile of domestic automotive products, is no small task. After all, exploration is the key to discovering new Arctic riches, the extraction of which is at the heart of the strategic interest of government and business in developing and developing the Polar Regions.


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