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Since the establishment of the ASEZ 'Stolitsa Arktiki' (ASEZ 'The Capital of the Arctic') 3.5 years ago, the Murmansk Region has drawn in over RUB 161 bn in investments

Preliminary calculations suggest that the new ASEZ 'Arktika' (ASEZ 'Arctic') projects in 2024 will pull in over RUB 100 bn in investments and generate more than 1,000 jobs.

17 October 2023

On 17 October, Andrey Chibis, Governor of Murmansk, presided over the fifth meeting of the Supervisory Board of the ASEZ 'Stolitsa Arktiki' in Murmansk. This is what the press service of the Murmansk regional government reports.

'Since the ASEZ was established three and a half years ago, we have achieved significant results,' said Andrey Chibis. More than RUB 161 bn in investments have been attracted to the region by the residents,' he highlights.

The head of the region recalled that the first ASEZ resident, NOVATEK Murmansk, established the world's first unique Large-Capacity Offshore Construction Centre on the Kola Bay shore, where they are currently assembling liquefaction lines for the Arctic LNG 2 plant. Recently, construction of the third line commenced, and the concrete foundation is being laid. A total of 1,700 cubic metres of concrete has been poured and over 1,500 tons of fittings have been set up. 

'In February 2023, the expansion of the advanced socio-economic zone known as "Stolitsa Arktiki" was approved by the Russian government. The directive was signed off by Mikhail Mishustin, the Prime Minister of Russia. The governor announced plans to construct a container terminal for international transit maritime freight on the new sections of the ASEZ,' reported the governor.


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