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Ships from AZRF and SPV residents carrying live Kamchatka crab have navigated the North Sea Route

Amid new economic conditions, the Antey Group is exploring new logistics avenues: the North Sea Route, road, rail and air transport.

5 October 2023

Six of Antey Group's crab fishing vessels, carrying 'live' cargo, are navigating the North Sea Route from the Barents Sea to the Far East. The total weight of the valuable cargo is nearly a thousand tons. The first four ships have already arrived at the Zarubino port in Primorye Territory.

All six ships embarked on their fishing journey from Vladivostok to above the Arctic Circle in mid-July. Among them are crab fishing vessels and transport ships. The Arktik vessel was the first to return to Primorye, having loaded live Kamchatka crab in the Barents Sea. Navigating the North Sea Route is a challenging but essential logistics corridor.

'Given that the largest market is now in Asia and the Kamchatka crab fishing season is relatively short, we decided to use the NSR. As soon as the season began, the vessels set off to fish and deliver high-quality live crab from the North as quickly as possible, highly prized by Asians,' said Yuri Bakalyar, CEO of Antey Sever LLC.

The trip from the Barents Sea to Primorye takes approximately 20–25 days, depending on weather conditions. To ensure the cargo arrives in the best condition, Antey Group's specialists have developed a unique life support system for Kamchatka crabs, enabling them to withstand transportation and reach the consumer's table in optimal condition.


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