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Segezha Group has transported 1,500 tons of paper from the port of St. Petersburg to Chinese ports via the North Sea Route

The company's next shipment along the North Sea Route is scheduled for the 2024 navigation season.

16 October 2023

On 11 October 2023, Segezha Group dispatched 62 forty-foot containers from the port of St. Petersburg to Chinese ports using a new regular container transportation service along the North Sea Route (NSR). The container ship NewNew Polar Bear is set to deliver over 1,500 tons of kraft paper, as reported by Port News, citing the company's press service.

Recall that the new line is a collaborative project between the international shipping line Hainan Yangpu NewNew Shipping Co and the freight agent Torgmoll. The NewNew Polar Bear, a reinforced ice-class container ship, boasts a capacity of 1,600 TEU. This vessel embarked on its maiden voyage in July 2023. The projected transit time, subject to ice conditions, is approximately 28 days, making it 1.5 times quicker than the Suez Canal route, which typically takes 45–50 days. The cargo is expected to arrive in Shanghai on 21 November. Upon arrival, it will be cleared and transferred from the liner vessel to the feeder vessel in containers. The cargo from the Russian company is scheduled to reach the port of Nansha on 26 November.

The company's next shipment along the North Sea Route is scheduled for the 2024 navigation season.


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