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Seaport Facility on Yuzhniy Island to Break Ground by 2025

About 900 jobs will be generated by the project.

20 October 2022

The seaport facility on Yuzhniy Island in the Arkhangelsk Region's Novaya Zemlya archipelago will break ground in 2025. Tass cites Igor Murayev, the region's Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, claiming this.

"The port complex development project acquired a favorable expert judgment in 2022. <...> Over RUB 53 billion will be invested here, and the project has a term until 2045. <...> The launch of construction is planned for 2025," Murayev noted. He also stated that the project will generate roughly 900 jobs.

The construction and commissioning of a mining and processing plant at the Pavlovskoye lead-zinc deposit, in Murayev's opinion, is one of the most significant projects in the long-term development plan.

"We hope that the initiative will be implemented within the scheduled timeframe, and will create a new mining industry in the region, as well as mark the beginning of the development of subsoil resources in the long run, including Novaya Zemlya's reserves of manganese, phosphorites, uranium, copper, gold, and other minerals," he said.

Another crucial area, he continued, is the search for new resources. In particular, state financing has been used to ramp up efforts to find new diamond deposits.


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