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Scientists from Yamal conduct new experiments at the carbon testing site

The carbon polygon site is transforming into a shared scientific and technological testing ground.

6 October 2023

Studies at the first carbon polygon in the Arctic are ongoing. There, air masses are being examined and a pile testing experiment has been initiated. Plans include several additional scientific projects. This is reported by Yamal-Vesti.

From a bird's eye view, only 10 piles can be seen. However, these load-bearing supports will never hold a building—they are merely experimental units for scientists. They are being monitored by Erkn Zhaysambayev, a postgraduate student at the Tyumen Industrial Institute.

'We suggest freezing the soil around the pile locally by installing thermal stabilisers. By expanding the lateral surface, the load-bearing capacity of the pile will be enhanced. This won't make the construction more expensive,' he noted.

Currently, a jack and an oil pump station are used to apply load to the pile. Testing continues until the support fails. In the end, it withstood 21 tons.

The experiment's partners include companies that manufacture soil thermal stabilisation systems, thermal insulation coatings and departments that supply construction materials such as piles, slabs and reinforced concrete products.

The 196-metre tower has found a practical application, according to researchers. At various heights, anemometers—devices for air intake—are installed, with the collected air flows to be analysed in a laboratory complex later.


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