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Schoolchildren's Expedition to North Pole Organized by Rosatom Starts

On 19 July, the Icebreaker of Discoveries expedition, organized by Rosatom State Corporation, set off from the port of Murmansk. Participating are the winners of the Big Break competition.

20 July 2022

70 high school students from a number of Russian regions set out on a trip on Rosatomflot's 50 Let Pobedy nuclear icebreaker.

Pupils are in for a rich bill of events during the voyage. They will visit the North Pole, make a call at Franz Josef Land, explore the unique Arctic nature, talk to the crew of a nuclear icebreaker, including the captain, and learn the ins and outs of the crewmen's job, complicated but captivating. On top of that, schoolchildren will fulfill an honorable mission at the North Pole: they will unfurl the flags of their regions, handed over to them by governors and ministers on the eve of the trip.

The Rosatom Corporate Academy helped prepare an educational program for the children, consisting of three tracks: Discovery of Technologies, Discovery of the Arctic and Discovery of Oneself. Rosatom CEO Aleksey Likhachev and ANCO Big Break CEO Nataliya Mandrova addressed the participants of the expedition before the vessel left the port.

"You are in for an acquaintance with the North, beautiful and harsh, and a trip to places that most people know only from their geography classes. You will sail through the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean, past Franz Josef Land, and reach the North Pole, the top of the world. You will see endless ice expanses and the owners of those parts, polar bears and walruses, and there's also a captivating educational and entertainment program prepared for you. Rosatom has been a partner of Big Break for three years. We in the nuclear industry think highly of people who keep striving for new knowledge and self-development. That's why we dubbed your journey Icebreaker of Discoveries,' Aleksey Likhachev said. The head of the State Corporation wished the pupils a great trip and a whole ocean of amazing experiences.

Nataliya Mandrova noted that each student had earned deserved this unique opportunity. She thanked the parents of the expedition participants for their support and trust in the organizers of the Icebreaker of Discoveries expedition.

The expedition is planned to end on 28 July.


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