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Russian film Voices of the Arctic won a prize at the Ischia Film Festival in Italy

The documentary consists of three short stories about the people of the Far North.

2 July 2023

Russian director Ivan Vdovin's documentary Voices of the Arctic won one of the top awards at the international Ischia Film Festival, which ended in Italy on Saturday. The film was awarded the Best Film in the section 'Location denied,' the director told TASS.

The film Voices of the Arctic includes three short stories about the people of the Far North, each of which is an essay about traditions, everyday life and the role of music in the lives of the characters. The recurring character of the film is Russian fashion designer, restaurateur and sound producer Denis Simachev, who went on an expedition to the North to record the 'voices of the Arctic' and combine them into a unified musical composition.

The film was shot in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Nenets Autonomous Area and Yakutia. The film was produced by Home Production. The general producers of the film are Julia Lipatova and Polina Avetikova. During the expedition, the film crew travelled 50,000 km, made 24 flights by aeroplanes and helicopters and also shot the film at –60°C. The film premiered on 9 June 2022.


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