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Russian Federation invites Latin American and Gulf countries to work at Snezhinka station

Nikolay Korchunov, Chairman of the Senior Officials Committee of the Arctic Council, also drew the attention of these states' representatives to Rosatom's projects in the field of building small-capacity nuclear power plants.

10 February 2023

Countries from Latin America and the Gulf are invited to work as part of the international Snezhinka station in YNAA. This was reported to TASS on Friday by the press office of the Russian chairmanship of the Arctic Council, following a meeting between representatives of the council's organising committee and the heads of diplomatic missions of these countries.

According to the diplomat, the world's attention to the Arctic is only growing. This is also due to climate change—warming there is four times faster than the global average. This creates conditions for the development of Arctic navigation. At the meeting, Vladimir Panov, Rosatom's special representative for Arctic development, presented plans for the development of the North Sea Route and the Russian icebreaker fleet.

The year-round Snezhinka Arctic research station in Yamal will use cutting-edge technology in clean energy production and life support systems, and will be the world's first scientific and educational complex to run on hydrogen energy. Test operation of the project is scheduled to start in 2024.


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