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Rosneft Begins Engineering and Geophysical Surveys in the Eastern Arctic

This is essential for assessing the oil and gas potential in the region

12 October 2020

Experts at the Arctic Research Centre, part of the Rosneft corporate research project complex, launched a research expedition in the Eastern Arctic. According to TASS, the ship 'Kapitan Voronin' will perform engineering and geophysical operations in the Kara Sea, Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea.

'The main goal of the projects is to prepare the area for drilling stratigraphic boreholes in the Eastern Arctic. This is essential for core sampling and determining the age, composition, and conditions required for the formation of a sedimentary mantle on the sections of the shelf being explored to better understand the region's geological structure and evaluate the oil and gas potential', says the company.

Earlier in late September, they launched an expedition to drill stratigraphic boreholes in the Kara Sea. These drilling works are currently underway.

Rosneft is the largest license holder on this part of the shelf, with a total portfolio of 55 lots on the Russian shelf and resource potential of 41 bn tons in oil equivalent.


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