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Rosatom offers RUB 7 bn to build a hydrographic vessel

The Hydrographic Enterprise of Rosatom Corporation has submitted a bid to find a contractor to build an Arc7 (LU7) ice-class hydrographic vessel.

18 November 2022

The amount of work is estimated to be more than RUB 7 bn. The Project Office for Arctic Development (POAD) writes this, citing

The electronic auction is conducted on the UIS Procurement platform (Unified Information System in the field of procurement). The starting price of the project is RUB 7,067,180,000. The procedure will run until 28 November, with the announcement of the results scheduled for the 30th of the month.

The contractor undertakes to build an Arc7 class lead hydrographic buoy-lifting vessel (navigating independently in ice no thicker than 1.7 m) to technical project HSV05. The project was approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in May 2022.

Technical characteristics of the vessel: overall length—69.99 m, maximum width—15.4 m, draft—not more than 6 m, maximum power—not less than 8000 kW. There should be room on board for 35 crew members and 15 specialists.


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