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Renovation of the railway, which will be part of the Northern Latitudinal Railway, has begun in Yamal

The builders plan to finish all the work by December 2027.

3 May 2023

The railway on the Nadym–Pristan–Pangody section is about 120 km long and is part of the Trans-Polar Mainline restored in the 1970s and is currently in operation. Construction work is now underway on one of the sections to restore the roadbed. The Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area regional government's press service reported.

Further work is planned on the site to reinforce the railway line, rebuild the gas supply networks that run alongside the tracks, as well as to dismantle and reconstruct the existing railway bridges and build new ones. In certain road sections, the rails will be completely replaced, drainage and reinforcement of the roadbed will be carried out along the line.

Gosstrojnadzor inspectors paid a mandatory preventive visit to the construction site. The service specialists gave the contractor a detailed briefing on all the regulations and requirements that will apply to future inspections. A total of 19 control and supervision measures are planned for the site.


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