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Reindeer harvesting ahead of plan in Yamal

In Yamal, the venison harvesting campaign is gaining momentum. More than 2,200 tons of reindeer meat are scheduled to be harvested this season, which will last until the end of December.

10 October 2022

'The region continues to work on expanding its agricultural processing capacity, which is primarily aimed at increasing the range and saturation of the domestic market with quality products from our producers. This year, three new reindeer meat processing plants were opened in Salekhard, Kharp and Tazovsky. The shops will reach their full capacity by this autumn when the slaughter campaign gathers momentum,' said Andrey Revnivykh, Deputy Head of the Department of Agricultural and Fishery Development at the Department of the YNAA Agroindustrial Complex. The press service of the regional government states so.

The first 80 tons of the organic product were harvested in September at the Payuta meat processing complex. Around 1,800 reindeer were delivered to the complex by employees of the national communities and private reindeer herders of the Priuralsky district. Part of the fresh produce was sold to social facilities and the rest through retail sales.

'Compared to last year, the figure is many times higher. This gives us the opportunity to adjust our harvesting plans for 2022, increasing the figure to 450 tons. Let's hope that the rate we have now will continue to gather momentum,' said Aleksey Vereshchak, Director of MUE Payuta.

The second—the main phase of the slaughtering campaign—will start in November at 15 specialised complexes. Producer companies report their full technical readiness.

Only identified reindeer that have undergone compulsory veterinary prophylactic procedures are accepted for slaughter. A veterinary and sanitary examination of meat has been organised at all of Yamal's slaughter and cooling complexes. These measures, combined with a streamlined production process, result in high-quality and safe products. As early as November, fresh venison harvested by Yamal businesses will begin to be available for sale.


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