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RAS and Clean Arctic to Launch the Largest Expedition Beyond the Arctic Circle

The expedition will focus on studying permafrost and the economic activities of the indigenous peoples of the North.

2 August 2023

The expedition was launched this year, August 15. It will span exactly one year, covering a route of 12,000 km across 19 Russian regions. This was reported by the Ecology of Russia portal.

The project is expected to involve over 700 participants, including researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) centers, educators, postgraduates and students from regional universities. Participants will investigate traditional economic activities and the economies of indigenous northern crafts, conduct research on permafrost and search for potential carbon control areas.

Currently, a 42-day expedition by the Clean Arctic project is underway in the remote areas of Chukotka. The expedition started this July. Volunteers are engaged in cleaning up the areas, such as the former Bochkorezka site, private household, the coastal territory of Beringovskaya District Power Plant, and Beregovoy district. It is planned to clean up the territories of Egvekinot-1 and Ozerny villages, as well as the Egvekinotskaya Power Station.


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