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Putin ordered to define key settlements in the Arctic

The head of state noted that for these territories 'it is necessary to prepare development master plans for the period up to 2035.'

20 July 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered to specify a list of settlements in the Arctic, which will be considered as the key ones. This is reported by TASS.

'Speaking of the so-called key settlements of the Arctic zone—I agree with you, I support these proposals. And I ask the government together with the regions to specify the list of such settlements,' he set the task.

Putin added that development master plans should be prepared for Arctic key settlements for the period up to 2035, similar to those already developed for Far Eastern cities. 'I ask not to delay this work in order to approve comprehensive plans for the long-term development of Arctic cities by 1 October 2024 on the basis of ready documents. It means also until 2035. And with clear sources of funding,' the President outlined the areas of work.

At the same time, it is important to start the practical implementation of the measures from 2025, 'not later,' the President stressed.


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