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Port of Arkhangelsk may be included in NSR preferential regular transport programme

The regional authorities have applied for inclusion of the port in this programme, which provides preferential tariffs for regular cabotage

1 December 2022

The authorities of the Arkhangelsk Region have applied for inclusion of the port of Arkhangelsk in the state programme of subsidies for regular transport along the North Sea Route, which provides for preferential tariffs for regular cabotage. Dmitry Yurkov, the region's governor's representative for Arctic development, told TASS on Thursday.

He noted that the construction of the Arkhangelsk deep-water seaport area is underway in the region. The total design capacity of the deepwater port will be 37.9 mn tons per year.

Earlier, the head of the region, Alexander Tsybulsky, stated that the deep-sea port area of Arkhangelsk could become one of the key elements of the North Sea Route in the new economic conditions. According to the plan, the cargo flow along the North Sea Route should reach 220 mn tons by 2035. 


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