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Passenger and cargo transportation by snowmobiles launches in Chukotka

The Kayur company has launched snowmobile passenger and cargo transportation services in Chukotka

7 December 2022

The Kayur company, a resident of the Chukotka ASEZ,  has launched passenger and freight transportation by snow and swamp-going vehicles in Chukotka's Anadyrsky District, says the regional government.

Transport accessibility of the region's settlements is an acute issue. Due to the harsh climate, the roads are paved only in the cities and surrounding villages. The rest of the region uses winter roads. The autumn and winter cyclones, storms and hurricane winds often disrupt air traffic in Chukotka.

"The new enterprise set up by the Chukotka ASEZ resident will be able to operate year-round thanks to the purchase of two snow and swamp-going vehicles capable of tackling off-road conditions in any season. It plans to transport at least 100 tonnes of cargo annually," says the message.

Investment in the project has amounted to RUB 11.6 mn.

The Khishchnik snow and swamp-going vehicles are designed specifically for challenging conditions. Each vehicle can carry about 1,500 kg of cargo and 12 passengers. Thanks to their ultra-low pressure tires, the all-terrain vehicles can move without damaging the vegetation and topsoil. They can pass through shallow swampy waters and bogs, cross a river or a small lake without sinking or ride on virgin snow.


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