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Over an eight-month period, cargo transportation along the North Sea Route has seen a 1.5% increase

As per the President's outlined plans, by 2024, transportation via the NSR is expected to reach 80 mn tons.

11 September 2023

Over the first eight months of 2023, cargo transportation along the North Sea Route (NSR) has increased by 1.5% to 23 mn tons, with transit cargoes making a comeback on the route. Vladimir Panov, Rosatom's special representative for Arctic development, announced this at the EEF, as reported by Interfax.

'In just a few weeks of summer-autumn navigation, we have already transported over 1 mn tons of transit cargo across the Arctic Ocean. Cargo from the Baltic is being transported towards Asia via the NSR. There is a high probability that transit volumes through the NSR will renew historical highs this year,' Panov said.

He pointed out that the NSR caters to a significant segment of goods currently transported to Russia and Europe via road and rail. Out of 22 categories of goods, 15 can be shipped throughout the year.

During this navigation period, we are transporting Russian commodities like oil and gas from the Northwest ports via the NSR,' he said. However, containerised freight is expected to be transported in the near future. Panov added that efforts are actively underway to establish an international container line along the NSR.

Since 2018, Rosatom has been the infrastructure operator of the North Sea Route, responsible for managing navigation, constructing infrastructure facilities, providing navigation and hydrographic support, and ensuring maritime safety in challenging Arctic conditions.


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