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Over 30 teachers were recruited for the Course to the North project by 1 September in the Polar region

The region is focused on developing its own workforce.

20 September 2023

The special initiative 'Course to the North,' launched in May this year in the Murmansk Region to draw in skilled professionals, has brought 32 teachers to the region, as reported by Murmansk Region Governor Andrey Chibis to TASS.

He stated that the region is committed to cultivating its own workforce, hence they are revamping the system of vocational and higher education. The United Murmansk Arctic State University is dedicated to preparing personnel for the Arctic. 'We start career guidance from school in collaboration with our main industrial partners [Phosagro, Novatek, Nornickel], these are industry-specific classes,' reported the governor.

Considering the extensive industrial projects currently being executed with the backing of the country's leadership, there is an increasing demand for skilled personnel.

'We have designed a special programme for medical professionals and teachers, offering special bonuses such as funding, housing provision or compensation. Our wages are higher than those in the central regions. When we establish living conditions, plus provide "relocation allowances" from companies, or immediately offer an apartment, people are motivated to work. We introduced a measure five years ago for young professionals that those entering the public sector—teachers, doctors, administrative staff—receive "polar" allowances right from their first day of work, which serves as a motivation. This comprehensive set of measures has for the first time resulted in an increase in our working-age population,' Andrey Chibis highlighted.


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