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Northern supply in Chukotka in the navigation season of 2023 estimated at 22,000 tons

The Navarin and Ussuri motor vessels will carry 22,000 tons of containerised and general cargo of food and industrial goods.

2 May 2023

FESCO Transport Group has announced six voyages to Chukotka in the summer and autumn navigation season of 2023. The ships will sail to the ports of Anadyr and Egvekinot, delivering 22,000 tons of provisions and manufactured goods. Two dry bulk carriers have been allocated for the delivery. The Project Office for Arctic Development (POAD) writes about it.

This is not the first year that FESCO Group has carried out a northern supply to Chukotka along the Vladivostok–Anadyr–Egvekinot–Vladivostok line. At least six voyages are planned. According to the schedule, the first ship, the Navarin, will depart on 12 June, arrive in Egvekinot on 21 June and be expected in the port of Anadyr on 25 June.

A year earlier, about 77,000 tons of goods of various purposes were brought to Chukotka by sea along the Vladivostok–Anadyr–Egvekinot–Vladivostok line.


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