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Nornickel held consultations with Sami and reindeer herders in the Lovozero district in connection with lithium development

Nornickel held preliminary consultations with Sami and reindeer herding enterprises in the Lovozero district to conduct an ethnological survey.

10 February 2023

In connection with the prospects of developing Russia's largest lithium deposit, Kolmozerskoye, representatives of Sami organisations and reindeer herding enterprises expressed their wishes for an ethnological survey of the Kolmozerskoye project. writes about it.

The main purpose of the meeting was to inform about the current status of project development and to discuss the further algorithm of interaction, including the application of the free, prior and informed consent procedure and the ethnological survey.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the region's largest indigenous peoples' organisations and reindeer herders, invited experts and lawyers on indigenous peoples' rights, specialists from the Project Office for Arctic Development and the authorities.

The company has confirmed its intention to collect and verify all possible information on the nature and extent of traditional crafts and sacred sites in the near future.

The ethnological survey will identify the range of people potentially affected by the project and produce a detailed ethnological map. Surveys will be carried out with the involvement of leading scientific institutions and in cooperation with indigenous peoples at all stages of the work.


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