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New Resident of AZRF in Yakutia to Set Up Production of Northern Fish Delicacies

The AYAKS company will manufacture several dozen types of products, including fresh-frozen, dried, salted and smoked fish.

11 March 2022

In Yakutia, by agreement with the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (KRDV), a new resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) will launch the production of delicacies from fish caught in environmentally friendly areas of the Far North. As part of the project, AJAX will build a production building in the Ust-Yansky district of the republic, where a full-cycle workshop will be located. The resident will invest 1.7 million rubles in the project, 7 people will receive work in a new production facility.

The company will master the production of freshly frozen, dried, salted and smoked fish, which is in greatest demand among consumers.

"A significant part of manufactured products will be sold outside of Yakutia. Through partner networks, Yakutian fish will also be supplied to Moscow stores", says Pyotr Tomsky, the Director of AYAKS.

Thanks to the region's unique nature and pristinely pure Arctic waters, Yakutian fish possesses unique taste qualities that have turned it into of the symbols of the republic.

AYAKS will be able to process between 10 and 70 tonnes of fish annually. The company intends to catch fish on its own and buy it from local fishermen. If there is demand, the product range could be expanded to include venison, game, and wild crops.

Thanks to the status of a resident of AZRF, AYAKS is exempt from income taxes for five years, and a zero property tax rate has been established by the end of 2025. For 10 years, the enterprise will be subsidized by 75% of insurance premiums. As noted by Petr Tomsky, this will provide significant support at the initial stages of the project, allowing to speed up the deployment of a new business. In addition to tax benefits and subsidizing insurance premiums, residents of the AZRF can receive administrative preferences.


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