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New research vessel Ivan Frolov approved for AARI

The fleet of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute plans to increase by one more unit.

8 October 2022

The new vessel will be named 'Ivan Frolov,' in honour of the AARI polar explorer and scientist who died in 2020. The Project Office for Arctic Development (POAD) writes this, citing PortNews. According to the latter, the construction order will be placed shortly

The Ivan Frolov research vessel is expected to be launched from the shipyard in 2028.

The AARI fleet needs to be replenished to advance science and work in Arctic waters, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said. The name of the new vessel was announced at a meeting of the Public Council at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment by Alexander Kozlov, head of the ministry.

The AARI has not yet commented on the details of the project, confirming that plans to build the vessel have already gone ahead.

The contract for the Ivan Frolov research vessel will presumably be awarded to the Zvezda shipbuilding complex or the Admiralty Shipyards. The agency's own source told PortNews.

The budget for the ship's construction was not specified. Judging by the draft federal budget for 2023, 'RUB 25.6 bn will be allocated only in 2023–2025 to build a research vessel to support expeditionary activities in the Arctic and Antarctic.'


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