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New Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker Arktika to Set Off on Maiden Voyage along the Northern Sea Route

10 November 2020

Arktika, the lead icebreaker for project 22220, which was put into operation on 21 October, will set off on its maiden voyage along the Northern Sea Route at the end of this week. This was reported in a statement by Rosatom CEO Aleksey Likhachev to the employees of Rosatom on the official company website.

“Arktika, the lead nuclear icebreaker, has officially entered service. On 21 October, it raised the national flag. At the end of this week, the icebreaker will set off on its maiden voyage along the Northern Sea Route,” said Mr. Likhachev.

This series of innovative nuclear-powered vessels, which were built as part of project 22220 to solve strategic tasks for the exploration and development of the Arctic, will provide year-round navigation in the western region of the Arctic, allowing us to achieve the necessary level of cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route. The unique double-draft design enables the use of nuclear-powered project 22220 ships both in deep water and polar estuaries. This increases the versatility of the vessel, as well as its geographic capabilities for operation.

TASS reports that two more icebreakers – the Siberia and the Ural – are currently being prepared for delivery as part of the project. The Yakutia icebreaker was laid down at the Baltic Shipyard this year. Another icebreaker in this project, the Chukotka, is expected to be laid down in the near future. In addition, it was previously reported that Rosatom hopes to make a contract for the construction of two more universal nuclear-powered icebreakers for project 22220 in 2025. They will likely be put into service in 2030.


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