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Nakhodka to build crab vessels to operate in northern waters

VEB.RF State Corporation will finance the construction at Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard of eight crab vessels designed to operate in Russia's northern waters.

16 September 2022

The total budget will be RUB 13.5 bn, of which RUB 6.8 bn have already been transferred to the shipbuilders. Alexander Stotsky, General Director of the Project Office for Arctic Development, writes about this.

The vessels being built in Nakhodka will be used to catch crab in the Bering and Barents Seas, as well as in the Sea of Okhotsk, and to transport it in live form. They have high-performance characteristics: the crab ships of this project, developed by Damen Engineering Saint Petersburg, have the Ice2 ice class and a total sailing area. Each vessel will be capable of transporting up to 120 tons of live crab in nine tanks with a total volume of 680 cu m.

Nakhodka's liveaboard crab ships were laid down in 2020. The first vessel in the series, the Kapitan Khazan, was launched on 9 September this year and two more crab ships are scheduled to be commissioned before the end of the year. The three vessels will be able to go fishing in the northern seas in 2023.


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