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Murmansk Trade Port boosted its cargo processing for the Arctic

The surge in cargo turnover was nearly half a million tons.

24 November 2023

Murmansk Commercial Seaport (MCSP) has increased its handling of domestic (cabotage) cargo. This is reported by the Taimyr Telegraph.

By the end of October 2023, the volume of domestic cargo processed at the Murmansk Commercial Seaport exceeded 1.2 mn tons. In the same period the previous year, the port workers in Murmansk handled 813,420 tons of domestic cargo.

'It's clear that we have significantly increased our handling of domestic cargo over the past year, especially those directed towards the Arctic, which remains a key focus of our operations. This includes inert cargoes like crushed stone and sand, as well as general cargoes such as various machinery and equipment. By doing so, we are making a substantial contribution to the development of the Arctic and the North Sea Route,' stated Vitaly Vlasov, Director of Operations at JSC MCSP.

JSC Murmansk Commercial Seaport is the largest stevedoring company in the Arctic region of the Russian Federation and is a part of the National Transportation Company.


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