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Murmansk LNG to be constructed using 70–75% of Russian equipment

As reported by Novatek, Arctic Mix, a technology based on mixed refrigerant, has been patented for it.

20 September 2023

Novatek plans to construct Murmansk LNG using 70–75% of Russian equipment and parts. TASS reports this, citing a statement from the company's Deputy Chairman of the Board, Vladimir Kudrin.

'We aim to increase localisation in the next project, Murmansk LNG, to 70–75%. A technology based on mixed refrigerant, Arctic Mix, has been patented for it,' he added. He stated that the company is currently undertaking the crucial task of localising intricate machinery for high-capacity LNG pipelines, each with a capacity of up to 7 mn tons.

Previously, Leonid Mikhelson, Head of Novatek, mentioned that the company aims to commence the construction of Murmansk LNG in August 2024. This is when the Large-Capacity Offshore Construction Centre (LCOCC) in the Murmansk Region is expected to complete the second phase of Arctic LNG-2.

Murmansk LNG will be powered by electricity from the surplus Kola nuclear power plant, and the gas produced at the plant can be transported using non-ice-class tankers. For this project, Novatek plans to use its own resource base.


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