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Murmansk installs 20 modern bus stops

Bus stops are equipped with infra-red heaters and 10mm-thick tempered glass.

19 January 2023

The installation of 20 modern bus pavilions has been completed in Murmansk. This was reported by Argumenty i Fakty.

'We have installed infra-red heaters that do not warm the air, but the objects underneath them—a person will be able to warm up quickly. The benches have incandescent strands that heat them, but they only work when people sit down on them—to save electricity,' explained Vitaliy Savchenko, a representative of the contractor. 'In addition, the thickest glass is installed, a 10-millimetre tempered glass.'

Each 10-metre pavilion is equipped with a smart box: an LCD transport arrival display, USB charging and surveillance cameras, as well as a Wi-Fi router (not yet operational).

'We monitored price offers and 15 potential suppliers were considered. Prices range from RUB 4.4 mn to RUB 6.2 mn. The supplier that offered the lowest price was chosen, which included delivery, assembly, installation, dismantling of old installations and so on. The customer has no complaints, everything is being done in accordance with the terms of reference,' said Denis Ryssev, Director of the Road Management Department.


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