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More than 6,500 children from Murmansk Region will be able to holiday on the Black Sea this year

In 2023, the health campaign will cover more than 17,000 children from 6 to 17 years old in the Murmansk Region.

13 March 2023

Some 6,500 children can go on holiday to the Black Sea coast in the Krasnodar Region. Children of mobilised northerners and participants in the special military operation will be given first priority for the trip. Schoolchildren from bereaved families will be able to rest and recuperate for free. Khibiny portal writes about it.

The trips will also be offered to children in difficult circumstances, orphans and children with disabilities. For those who are not in the exempt categories, the fee will be 25%. Some of the young northerners, pupils in grades 5–8, will rest on free trips provided as part of the federal programme 'Children of the Arctic.'

In 2023, 50 trips to Artek, Smena and Orlyonok will be allocated for students in the Murmansk Region at the expense of the federal budget. The allocation of the trips is automatic, taking into account gender and age criteria as well as the children's achievements.

More than 10,600 children will have a rest in the region: in day camps at schools, in the Zelenoborskaya sanatorium boarding school and in the Gandvig camp.


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