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More heat-loving fish are found in Arctic seas

The ichthyofauna of the northern seas has become 66% more diverse

15 February 2023

Due to warming in the Arctic, ichthyofauna in the Barents and Norwegian seas has become 66% more diverse. The scientists carried out the research for 26 years, from 1994 to 2020, and over 20,670 trawls (a method of fishing that involves dragging a fishing net through the water behind one or more boats) caught 193 representatives of the ichthyofauna, says.

Twenty-six years ago, the researchers caught an average of eight species of fish per trawl, and two years ago, they caught 13 species.

In addition, experts found that 71 heat-loving species, such as commercial Atlantic cod, have become more common in northern seas, while 23 Arctic species have become less common. Scientists attribute this to warming waters—fish from more southerly latitudes are moving into colder Arctic waters and the ecosystem is being reshaped.


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