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In Yakutia, navigation in the Arctic regions is drawing to a close

Over the navigation period, 1.28 mn tons of cargo were dispatched, achieving 100.7% of the projected volume.

13 October 2023

As of 12 October, a total of 1.28 mn tons of cargo has been shipped, exceeding the plan by 0.7%. Additionally, 1.23 mn tons of goods have been delivered to their destinations for the sustenance and operational needs of businesses. This is reported by Yakutia Daily.

Dmitry Sadovnikov, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Yakutia's government, stated that special attention is being given to the completion of navigation on the Arctic rivers Yana and Anabar. In recent years, navigation on the Yana River has been hindered by shallow waters, prompting dredging operations to alleviate the issue.

The Ministry of Life Safety of the Republic reports that the plan for delivering life-sustaining cargo to the Yana River is 150.7 thousand tons. As of today, 162.4 thousand tons (107.8% of the plan) have been shipped and 143.2 thousand tons have been delivered. For the Anabar River, the plan is 47.7 thousand tons, with 50.5 thousand tons (106% of the plan) shipped and 43.6 thousand tons delivered.

Even though navigation has not yet concluded, instructions have been given to start formulating a plan for cargo delivery during the winter period of 2023–2024.


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