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In March, 'mobile doctors' will work in five Arctic uluses of Yakutia

Doctors have to travel in cars, all-terrain vehicles and helicopters to reach remote settlements.

7 March 2023

The project to organise primary specialised medical care in 13 districts of the region's Arctic zone, initiated by the head of Yakutia, Aysen Nikolayev, made it possible to provide specialised medical care to doctors in narrow specialities in every settlement in the district, regardless of distance. The Artic medicine pilot model project is a completely new format for outreach work. This was reported to the YakutiaMedia news agency by the press service of the republic's head and government.

Health services are available to all communities, adults and children. Four districts (Nizhnekolymsky, Srednekolymsky, Abyysky and Ust-Yansky), six multidisciplinary teams, 31 settlements, and about 5,000 people examined by doctors—these are the results of the mobile medical teams' work in February. 

'Our doctors reached every settlement, even the most remote and sparsely populated. For example, the Yukagir settlement in the Ust-Yansk district, which is on the coast of the Laptev Sea, can only be reached by air. So we had to take a helicopter. We moved around in cars, all-terrain vehicles and helicopters. We worked everywhere off the clock: the working day lasted until the last patient,' said Artyom Ksenofonov, head of the Republican Mobile Ambulance Units Centre.

'They are monitored by doctors from Yakutsk, assessing the patient's condition and the progress of treatment. Thus, of the 4,912 residents of the four districts who were examined in February, including 858 children, 524 were sent to Yakutsk for further examination and hospitalisation, and another 1,254 were placed under outpatient observation. Not one of these patients will be missed by our specialists,' he stressed.


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