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In a Bid to Ensure Operations of North Sea Route, Rosatom Announces Building of Six Icebreakers Until 2030

Vladimir Panov, Rosatom State Corporation's special representative for Arctic development, stated that all NSR projects now call for at least 132 high Arctic class vessels.

3 October 2022

To ensure the safe transit along the North Sea Route, the 5th and 6th Series 22220 icebreakers, as well as four non-nuclear icebreakers, are scheduled to be constructed by 2030 (NSR). Vladimir Panov, Rosatom's special representative for Arctic development, disclosed this to TASS on Monday.

"We see growing volumes of cargo, so it was decided to build an additional six icebreakers. This includes the continuation of Series 22220, the 5th and 6th [icebreakers], and four more non-nuclear icebreakers," he announced at the All Russian Maritime Congress in Moscow. "This will make it possible to free up the already existing nuclear-powered icebreakers and redirect them to the East," he also stated.

NSR projects now call for at least 132 high Arctic class vessels, according to Panov. He said that in addition to the 45 vessels already in operation, 32 more are now being constructed. "The increased needs are now projected at 55 vessels," he stated.

The NSR Development Plan until 2035 has been authorized. RUB 1.8 trillion from a variety of sources are earmarked for its execution. The earlier predicted goal of 220 million tonnes, up from the present volume of 35 million tonnes, for cargo traffic in this corridor may be exceeded.


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