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In 2022, 21 improvement projects were implemented in the NAA based on residents' initiatives

The NAA Department of Internal Policy summarised the results of public infrastructure development projects in municipalities based on local initiatives. It is about the winners of the Initiative Budgeting Grant Competition.

13 January 2023

Seven of the projects implemented in 2022 were winners of the 2021 grant competition, while 14 implemented initiatives were supported by the relevant Department in 2022. The press service of the regional administration reports on this.

Initiative budgeting is a mechanism for subsidising municipalities. The system allows local residents to determine which socially important projects should be implemented on their territory as a matter of priority.

Under the initiative budgeting competition, proposed projects can claim up to RUB 2 mn. Funding for each project comes from the county budget—no more than 89% of the necessary costs, at least 10% from the municipality, and 1% from citizens, entrepreneurs and legal entities. The initiative will take a variety of forms, including labour participation.

The initiative budgeting competition has been held in the Nenets Autonomous Area since 2017. To date, more than 100 public infrastructure development projects have been implemented in the municipalities.


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