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Head of Yakutia announced the region will have fast Internet coverage within two years

Aysen Nikolaev also highlighted that significant emphasis is being placed on the IT sector in the republic's development.

12 November 2023

The entire territory of Yakutia will have fast Internet coverage within two years, announced Aysen Nikolaev, the head of the region, during the Day of the Republic of Sakha at the Exhibition-Forum 'Russia.' This is reported by TASS.

'Today, Yakutia is among the most digitally advanced regions in the country. Over five years, we have laid more than 9.5 thousand km of fibre-optic communication lines (FOCL—TASS note) across the vast taiga. <...> In the next two years, over 7,000 km [of FOCL] will be constructed in the Yakut Arctic, and then all of Yakutia will have access to fast Internet,' he stated.

Last year, the region signed an agreement with the Russian Ministry of Digital Development for joint implementation of the Arctic Synergy project, which involves constructing FOCLs in Arctic and hard-to-reach settlements.


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