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FPV resident to start gold mining at Bystrinskoye deposit in Chukotka

Chukotka Prospectors' Artel, a new FPV resident, will start developing the Bystrinskoye gold deposit in the Chaunsky district of Chukotka.

14 January 2023

The company plans to get its first gold and silver ingots in 2025. This was reported by Eastrussia news agency.

The FEDC press service told EastRussia that the project will involve an investment of RUB 214 mn and employ 59 people. The funds will be used to refurbish the gold mill, which is scheduled to start up in 2025.

The Bystrinskoye deposit includes seven spatially convergent ore bodies and numerous gold mineralisation points corresponding to the gold-quartz type, which are grouped into three ore zones.

Chukotka Autonomous Area has three simultaneous preferential regimes—the Chukotka Advanced Special Economic Zone, the FPV in Pevek and the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation.


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