Investment Portal of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

FEDC will help residents of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation to search for human resources through online job fairs

The promotion of AZRF resident vacancies through online job fairs will last until November 2023 and will reach more than 200,000 job seekers.

3 July 2023

The Far East Development Corporation (FEDC) is launching a series of online job fairs for resident companies in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF). Staffing events were held at a specially designed site for the second year in a row.

At the moment, more than 20 companies have confirmed their participation in the job fairs. These include Murmansk Airport JSC and Smart, a mining and processing plant in Karelia; VKR Arktika, which manufactures and sells automotive and trailer equipment in the Arkhangelsk Region, as well as other AZRF residents, including small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, will also benefit from staffing assistance.

According to FEDC, about 620 companies have the status of AZRF residents today, implementing projects in transport and logistics, construction, timber and fish processing, tourism, as well as field development. The total projected investments exceed RUB 803 bn, with the project launches expected to create over 5,000 jobs.


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