Investment Portal of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

FEDC completes work on unified investment map of Far East and Arctic

According to Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic, Pavel Volkov, the project will allow investors to select sites, browse resources and make investment decisions

16 February 2023

The Far East and Arctic Development Corporation has completed a detailed macro-regional interactive map that allows investors to select land for their projects. According to TASS, this was announced on Thursday by State Secretary and Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic, Pavel Volkov.

The interactive online map first appeared a year ago. The portal was working to improve the service and add sections to meet the interests of investors and regions.

The unified investment map of the Far East and the Arctic features five functional blocks: Investment Proposals, Agricultural Land Plots, Investment Sites and Industrial Parks, Infrastructure and Restrictions, and Mineral Resources.

The Investment Proposals section lists projects that are ready for implementation. The projects cover ten industries and are grouped according to various parameters. The Investment Sites and Industrial Parks block has been created to help investors select vacant investment sites based on the desired parameters and apply for them.

In the Agricultural Land Plots section, investors can choose a vacant land plot according to the specified parameters. The service is being tested in the Primorye Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region. In the Mineral Resources section, investors can select solid and commonly occurring minerals from the undistributed subsoil fund by type, the volume of reserves and region.


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