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Ethno-village showcasing the indigenous peoples of the North has been inaugurated in Ugra

An ethno-village houses a camp with traditional Khanty homes and a storage facility, along with art installations such as a family by a fireplace, a boat with a fisherman and sculptures of birds and animals.

2 October 2023

The ethno-village showcasing the indigenous peoples of the North and featuring unique art installations has been inaugurated in the Russkinskaya settlement, in the Surgut district of Ugra. This information was shared on the Telegram channel of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area government.

As reported by Andrey Trubetskoy, the head of Surgut district, on social media, the contractor completed the project almost a year ahead of schedule. The creation of the ethno-village required an investment of RUB 58.1 mn.

The ethno-village has become a part of the art park, which was established in 2019 and is recognised as one of the best landscaping practices in Russia. The park features an event square, a pedestrian alley, a fair and recreation area, a beach section and a playground named 'Yonteh.'

As stated by the head of Surgut district, in the last five years, RUB 146.2 mn from the regional budget have been invested in the Art Park's development, bringing its total cost, inclusive of all contributions, to nearly RUB 357 mn. These initiatives are part of the strategy to enhance the tourist potential of the Russkinskaya settlement, a concept introduced in 2021. Future plans include the construction of waterside relaxation zones and glamping facilities for the comfortable accommodation of tourists.


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