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Construction of Coal Transshipment Complex Continues at Lavna Port in Murmansk Region

The port of Lavna will become an important transport hub on the North Sea Route.

25 May 2022

The construction of the Lavna port is going according to schedule. Grading and levelling works have already been completed, along with the launch of an electrical substation and the assembly of temporary buildings and structures. Drilling and blasting works are also almost finished.

Right now, maximum effort is focused on building hydraulic facilities, key storage area and railway objects, and retaining walls. This was reported by Deputy General Director of Lavna Seaport Maksim Nikolaev during a visit of the Murmansk Region Development Corporation's delegation to the construction site.

"The construction site occupies about 119 ha. As much as 90% of the drilling and blasting work is already completed. The general contractor is currently building the main storage area and railway facilities. We can already see the outline of the future car unloading station, which will be able to handle four railroad cars at once,'' said Maksim Nikolaev. "All works, including those in the Kola Bay water area, are going according to schedule. We have completed all the design works and received all the necessary approvals from the Main Department of State Expertise. We are currently working on project documentation and are creating a BIM model of the facility. We have signed an agreement on construction and installation work. There are currently more than 400 construction workers and 50 units of equipment at the site. At peak periods, their number will increase to 1,100 people.

The corporation provides comprehensive support for the investment project, which is an anchor project of the Murmansk transport hub. The Lavna seaport project consists of three stages: construction of a coal transshipment complex, construction of a private railway line, and dredging. It should be implemented by the end of 2023.


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