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Clean Arctic takes on international status

Volunteers from China, Serbia, Iran and Congo have indicated their willingness to take part in the third field season of a large-scale Russian public eco-project

15 February 2023

At the moment, initiative groups in these countries are preparing official applications for the participation of their volunteers in the general clean-up of the Russian Polar region. The catalyst for the process was the openness of Clean Arctic. Anyone who applies gets a chance to become a volunteer for the project, Kn51 reports.

The project became de facto international back in 2022 when the first foreigners from Latin America and Central Africa joined the Clean Arctic volunteer teams.

'Right now, all the foreigners in the project are students studying at Russian universities. It was very important for them to see with their own eyes the Arctic, where the "weather kitchen" is made, and for us, the organisers of the project, it was very important to experience the interaction of young people from different countries. The experiment was more than successful. The international volunteer teams showed the most significant results,' said Ruslan Gubaidullin, Chairman of the Board of the ANCO Clean Arctic.


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