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Clean Arctic presented in Skolkovo, Moscow Region

The Arctic Development Project Office participated in the Clean Country Forum held at the Skolkovo Technopark.

22 March 2022

Project Office for Arctic Development stand allowed visitors to learn about the work of the Polar Bear Environmental Learning Centre, take a photo with an art object made of recyclable materials and learn more about the Plastic in Action project on recycling plastic packaging. Also, visitors were given a quick test 'What job can you get in the Arctic?' and were introduced to the Good Job Centre, a PORA project that helps employers and job seekers meet beyond the Arctic Circle.

In addition, the forum hosted a number of sections and round tables on environmental volunteering and the elimination of damage caused to the Arctic.

Since the announcement of the federal initiative "Clean Arctic" in the summer of 2021, the platform has already united more than 2,200 volunteers in 9 constituent entities of the federation, which have removed more than 1,500 tons of waste, mainly scrap metal.

"We understand that we will not make the Arctic clean with volunteers alone, but we must show movement in this direction. The Arctic is now a growth point, this is a region where there are many jobs, huge development prospects, "said Ruslan Gubaidullin, Chairman of the Board of ANO Clean Arctic.

As noted by the Chairman of the Board of PORA Nikolai Doronin, the Russian Arctic can become an example of responsible management of the territory for Russia's partners in the Arctic Council, who have now suspended international cooperation.

"The Clean Arctic project is both a civil society movement to eliminate accumulated harm and a unique experience for the entire Arctic in the world," he said.

Photo by Project Office for Arctic Development


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