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AZRF resident launches helicopter transportation of products, machinery and equipment to hard-to-reach areas of Yakutia

15 March 2022

Federal Air Transport Agency granted the operator's certificate to the Leader multifunctional company. This enterprise specialises in air cargo transportation.

The airline will primarily focus on the northern villages of Yakutia that suffer from a severe lack of transport accessibility. The company's base airport is situated in the Tiksi village (Bulunsky District), with nine Mi-8T helicopters as its fleet. The main customers of the company will be enterprises and companies located in the Arctic regions with a constant need of urgent cargo transportation — be it food, consumer goods, machinery or equipment.

In 2021 the airline obtained a resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation status by agreement with the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation. The volume of private investment in the project is more than 100 million rubles, 19 people will receive work. Tax benefits, reduced insurance premium rates and other administrative preferences provided for by the AZRF will allow the company to maintain an optimal pricing policy. In turn, Leader will have a positive impact on transport services development in the Far North.

Today in Yakutia, 8 enterprises, the AZRF residents, are companies, whose activities are related to scientific research, mining, and the provision of transport and energy services. Their total investment portfolio is 1.2 billion rubles, the full implementation of all projects will make it possible to employ about 230 people.

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