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AZRF resident commences the production of chilled salmon at a new factory in the Murmansk Region

The enterprise, situated in the Arctic settlement of Liinakhamari, has a capacity of 165 tons of chilled fish per day.

6 October 2023

Russian Salmon, a company based in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF), has launched a factory for slaughtering and processing Atlantic salmon in the Murmansk Region. Approximately RUB 1.1 bn has been invested in the project in collaboration with the Far East Development Corporation (FEDC).

'The company aims to establish the first facility in the North-West Federal District that specialises in waste-free and eco-friendly processing of live Atlantic salmon and trout, striving to achieve a nearly fully closed cycle of high value-added fish product production. Implementing the project as an AZRF resident enabled us to complete the first phase and commence the second—trout farming on Lake Nyalyavr,' noted Pavel Tikhonov, CEO of Russian Salmon LLC.

In spring 2023, the AZRF resident secured the rights to a new fish farming area, and by summer, over 450 thousand young trout had been imported. The cultivation of trout will provide additional raw materials for the enterprise, allowing for the most efficient use of its capacity.

The total estimated cost for constructing the complex, including wastewater treatment facilities, fish farming and coastal infrastructure, exceeds RUB 6 bn. The implementation of the investment project will result in the creation of over 120 jobs.


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