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Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation resident established the first private CT scan centre in Arkhangelsk

The clinic provides medical services under the compulsory insurance programme and on a paid basis at an affordable cost of about RUB 3,000 per examination.

25 March 2022

The MRT-Diagnostika Clinic purchased a CT scanner and necessary equipment to expand the range of medical services for residents of the Arkhangelsk Region. By opening a new service, a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) has increased the availability of CT scan examinations demanded in the region and relieved the workload of state clinics. Services are provided commercially and as part of the compulsory insurance programme.

Under an agreement with the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (FEDC), 26.7 million rubles were invested. The enterprise received a third of the funds for the project under the concessional loan program for the AZRF residents.

'Opening a new service allowed to fulfil the needs of Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk and Novodvinsk residents in CT scan examinations,' said Ekaterina Petroshenok, director of MRT-Diagnostika LLC.

The resident provides services to patients of all ages. The clinic accepts patients both under the territorial programme of compulsory medical insurance and on a paid basis. 

According to the agreement with FEDC, project investments amounted to 26.7 million rubles (total investments - 30 million rubles). 4 highly qualified doctors and two X-ray laboratory assistants were hired. The funds were used to purchase a modern computed tomograph, accompanying equipment, and to reconstruct the room and its X-ray protection. Thanks to the AZRF resident status, the investor received about a third of all project investments as a preferential loan at a rate of 2%.

As Nikolai Zapryagaev, Acting General Director of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, noted, almost any investment project in the Arctic can become an AZRF resident and receive unprecedented state support measures. The process of obtaining this status is as simplified as possible, one can apply on the Arctic Russia portal.


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